In Our Makeup Bag: Korres Jasmine Body Butter

What It Is:
Korres Jasmine Body Butter
Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
I was never one to moisturize my body regularly, until I tried it. Now, I’m a total body butter/lotion convert and can’t go more than a day or 2 without slicking some on. It keeps your skin looking healthy and radiant, and also reduces nasty things like itching and dryness. However, many body butters are so chock-full of chemicals that they aren’t worth putting on your skin. It’s actually been said that you’re better off eating your body lotion because your stomach has enzymes to break chemicals down, while anything applied to your skin goes directly to the bloodstream.
Korres is a natural skincare and cosmetics brand all the way from Greece! They pride themselves on using safe, natural ingredients, so I feel good about testing out their body butter and putting it on my skin.
How To Use It:
I like to slap on moisturizer as soon as I get out of the shower. Doing this ensures that some of the moisture from your shower will be trapped in your skin and help it to stay beautiful.
The Korres body butters come in tubes, so the the consistency isn’t quite as thick as a body butter that needs to be housed in a tub, but definitely thicker than a body lotion. A little goes a long way with this, so use sparingly at first and add more as needed.
CC Rating: A-

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Korres Jasmine Body Butter. As far as quality goes, this is really superb; non-greasy, sinks in quick and moisturizes all day.
While I love the scent, it is quite florally, which may not sit well with others. You definitely smell like roses! I can’t speak to the scents of the other butters, but they do sound lovely and they make several fruitier ones if flowers aren’t your thing. Another slight downfall is the price; you’re only getting 7.95 oz for $29, working out to $3.65/oz. The Body Shop Body Butters run you $20 for 10.1 oz of product ($1.98/oz) and Bliss’ Supersized Body Butter is $35 for 14 oz ($2.50/oz). I’ve not investigated the ingredients of the other two, so perhaps you’re paying for the natural-ness of the product, but the price differences may be a bit hard to swallow.
I highly recommend giving these a go next time you’re near a Sephora or ordering online, from
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