This Post Grad Life: Quick-Fix Stress Remedies

Alright. My life is really funny because in college, I actually thought I was constantly stressed out. But looking back now…all lies. If I could go back to the consistent life of a college student, I would reclaim it in a little hummingbird heartbeat. Sure, maybe it was stressful to drink on a Thursday and barrel through a quiz the next day. Sure, maybe it was stressful to skip out class on a Tuesday to sun bathe in the quad.
The key word in the past two sentences is: sure. College sure wasn’t stressful at all.
In this real world I’m treading through (or flailing through), stress has been tumbling upon me like a pile of heavy, wet and unapologetic rocks. Because while in college the stress was completely personal, when you get a job – stress leaks onto other people’s plates. Suddenly, you’re no longer only responsible for yourself. You’re responsible for an entire company. Um, HELLO.
My body has been completely tweaking out on me because of the stressful job world. I have zits on my cheeks (I usually only get them in my t-zone), I wake up with night tremors about screwing up and I have been listening to more Enya than usual. While these may be personal problems, I have come up with a system to aid my stressed out tendencies…and I want to share them with you. And trust me; these new stress remedies are way different than college stress remedies. Think tea bags (the kind at the grocery store) instead of beer bongs. Think candles in place of a 14-hour Grey’s Anatomy marathons. Think timeliness practicality.
1. Flowers
I have officially purchased a flower for my desk at work and put it next to my keyboard. Yes, it’s fake. Yes, I can’t keep a real one alive. Yes, it’s been scientifically proven (because what hasn’t) that flowers soothe the soul and make you feel…brighter! Bring on the daffodils betches.
2. Tea
Come bedtime, I’m so wound up from the business of work – I feel like I can’t put my head down and shut off my wild thoughts. A minute of sink water in the microwave and a sleepy time tea bag turns my freaky little life around.
3. Calm alarm clock
I used to have an alarm clock set to sound like aliens were invading my room because I was scared I wouldn’t wake up otherwise. Bad choice. Because when I did wake up, I thought the world was ending. NOT the way to start the day. Now, I’ve happily changed my alarm clock to sound like a baby angel lullaby. I still wake up…and it’s not in a hot sweat.
4. Black beans
Black beans are said to reduce anxiety. You’ll be willing to bet I’ve been hitting the black bean burritos hard for work lunches these past few weeks. TMI for you? Maybe, but totally the best anxiety remedy for me. Oh, and if you’re too good for black beans -salmon, walnuts, avocados and eggs are said to zap those little free radicals that contribute to lighting up your personal stress bomb.
5. Sleeping
This seems like an obvious answer, but sometimes I get big headed and (just because I’m “young”) think I can deal with the 5-6 hour snooze. However, when I do get 8 hours plus, I feel like I could transform into a machine mid way through the day. I’m unstoppable. I radiate sunlight. When I walk, I leave a trail of glitter. Really – it’s magical. Stress is an after thought.

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Go Back to School in Style with College Candy & Rent the Runway! [Giveaway]
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