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Web Spy: Live Matrix


Every day, thousands of internet-only events take place, such as webcasts of sporting events, special sales, gaming events, and chats and more. With so many events happening every day and at all different times of day, it’s impossible for anyone to be able to keep track of what’s happening when.

But with Live Matrix, you’ll never miss out on an important online event. Think of it as a TV Guide for the internet — in fact, their tagline is “What’s When on the Web,” which sums up how it works perfectly. Live Matrix organizes all the online-only events into an easy-to-read, fully searchable grid that shows you what events are happening at what time and on what “channel” (AKA website). You can visit a channel’s page to see all upcoming events, and click on any event for more details. Live Matrix also has grids for specific types of events, such as Sports, Entertainment, Shopping, News, and more.

You can also join the site to add your own events, get reminder emails before an event that you don’t want to miss, RSVP and keep track of certain events, and add events to your computer’s calendar.

I’ve started using Live Matrix to make sure I don’t miss out on any good sales, and I’ve already learned about so many other cool events that I didn’t even know were happening in just the few days since I discovered the site. The only bad thing about Live Matrix? Now I have even more to distract me and keep me from doing work!

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