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10 Tumblrs you Need to Follow NOW


If you’re not on Tumblr yet (or have no idea what it is), you need to set one up and join the world wherein status updates and emotional blog rants meet funny videos, old movie screenshots, new music and the drama of anonymous comment boxes. There are literally millions of blogs to follow and you’re definitely sure to find at least one that fits your interests (try “f*ckyeah___[insert title of favorite hobby, book, movie or TV show here]____ to start), but if you’re looking for a few more blogs to spice up your Dashboard, check out some of our favorites…

1. The World We Live In – This blog allows people to submit beautiful, high quality photos from their adventures all over the world. So even though you haven’t saved up quite enough yet for that trip to Australia, France, Belize, or any other exotic location you dream about traveling to, this blog will let you do a little pre-trip sightseeing for free.

2. STFU Parents – Remember when one of your old friends from high school announced she was pregnant on Facebook and all of the sudden the girl who used to throw huge, unchaperoned house parties became this oversharing “helicopter mom” that you were almost embarrassed to be friends with? Yeah, STFU Parents is embarrassed too. They find the best annoying “mommy” status updates of the week (“OMG, my baby just pooped everywhere!”) and screen cap them for our LOL’ing pleasure.

3. I Love Charts – Okay, so none of us are big fans of fancy, mathematical charts, but charts that showcase the percentage of date-worthy men on OkCupid, charts comparing Harry Potter to Twilight, or charts that show the correlation between how scary a movie is and how dark it is outside? Those are my kind of charts!

4. What I Wore – This blog follows the stylish adventures of Jessica Quirk: a popular fashion blogger that puts together amazing outfits and showcases them every day. This blog will not only inspire you to put a bit more effort into your wardrobe, but might even encourage you to submit a few of your own outfits to the blog- she posts guest submissions all the time!

5. Eat Like a Lady NYC – This blog is perfect for New Yorkers looking for new and unique restaurants to try! Even if you don’t live in NYC, this blog is the perfect thing to look at when you’re hungry and too broke to afford anything besides Ramen Noodles. [Editor’s Note: I’ve had the pleasure dining with ELAL-NYC’s author and can honestly say she’s bona-fide lover of crazy, delicious culinary creations. Hi Jillian! What’s for dinner tonight?]

6. The Love Cafe  – Let’s face it- sometimes your love life gets so complicated that you need to take advice from 4 gay guys and sometimes you need someone to tell you that you’re over-analyzing text messages. The Love Cafe has all of that and more!

7. The YUNiversity  – Did you know that in Britain, popsicles are called “ice lollys?” Did you know there’s a difference between “whoever” and “whomever?” Neither did I- until I checked out The YUNiversity.

8. To My Husband – Even though marriage is something that most people would rather not think about during their college years, we all have little quirks we look for in potential hubbies. If you’re like me and have the tendency to plan out stupid things, you just HAVE to do once you’re living the “married life,” like who gets control of the DVR and your monthly shoe budget, this blog is for you. Also, check out where these sassy girls got their inspiration- To My Wife (TMH’s dorkier predecessor).

9. Nickelodeon Memories – If your life is seriously lacking Nigel Thornberry, Tommy Pickles or Gullah Gullah Island, you absolutely need to follow Nickelodeon Memories. They regularly posts screenshots and quotes from all the television you used to watch on Saturday mornings. What could be better?

10. Suri’s Burn Book – It’s no secret that Suri Cruise is the Regina George of Hollywood’s celebrity children. I mean, come on- do you know any other toddler who wears heels? Check out what she has to say about the Jolie-Pitt crew or J. Lo’s twins, but just remember- Suri is the Queen Bee.

…11. Oh, and did we mention that we’ve jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon too? Follow us for ridiculous site comments, funny in-office conversations and photos from behind the scenes at College Candy.

Are you on Tumblr yet? What are your favorite blogs? Make sure to post your URL so we can check out your posts!

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