Welcome to the Real Word: No Such Thing as an Endless Summer

The best part of school is not going to school. Or so you thought, back in the days of recess, friendship bracelets and raising your hand to use the bathroom. The stray feigned sick day was enough to hold you over until you hit the real jackpot: summer vacation. Even in high school, when summer meant staying up late to finish that last beer instead of finishing the latest Goosebumps book, June welcomed a much-needed freedom from responsibility.
Come college, however, the best times usually happen during the semesters, not between them. You’ve heard it before — especially if you’re a regular CollegeCandy reader – high school friends tend to drift apart, hometowns suddenly become boring and living with your parents…ick, don’t even get me started. The idea of a blue popsicle and a trip to the local pool sounds borderline painful when you could potentially be at Dollar Beer Night with your campus besties.
And so the concept of summer quickly loses its luster. Facebook newsfeeds are clogged with “Get me back to football season,” “Miss my [insert school name] girls!” and “Counting down to move- in!” sentiments. Because seriously, who wants to be stuck at home with nothing to do but get their nails done and shop and maybe stop by a part-time job a couple times a week and then go back to shopping and free lunches with mom and….
Oh wait, was my jealousy showing?
Yeah, that’s because I’m no longer in college. As a graduate, I work five days a week, most weeks out of the year. When the employed want time off, it’s never in three-month chunks. Typically, it’s a sick day here, a long weekend there. Having graduated in 2009, I’m still fairly new to this Real World business, but, unfailingly, each July it hits me- wait, where’s my summer break? Why am I still expected to wake up before 8 a.m. and remain sober on weeknights? Don’t these people know about Thirsty Thursday!? I just want a vodka soda and a bendy straw (…she said through sobs).
To the undergraduates out there, I offer this: Embrace the boredom. Watch as much reality tv as your mushy brains can handle. Attend Kegs and Eggs before dawn on game day. Hell, while you’re at it, attend that CEOs and Secretary Hoes mixer, too. Nothing good will come of it, I promise you that, but years later that same mixer will revisit you in the form of an office Christmas party. But in the future version, there’s a twist ending: you’ll be the only one blacked out with your shirt unbuttoned. Get it out of your system now to save face later. Trust me here.
As for my fellow graduates: It’s almost quittin’ time. Who wants to grab a drink?

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