Tricks and Tips to Feeling Confident in Your Swimsuit

It’s time. That moment when you are standing on the beach, or a yacht in Miami if you’re annoying and you have to find a sexy way to take off your maxi dress (which sounds impossible might I add) and debut your healthy and freckle-less skin. To the rays of sunshine. And all of the men ogling at your fun bags and all the girls admiring your creativity to mix-match your Target swimsuit.

It’s a tough, tough world out there Target goddesses.

In my mind, I want to step out in my Egyptian looking maxi (Kim Kardashian style) and rip it off like a sexy, slim, and bodacious lady-Hulk. And you know what? I can. All it takes is a little confidence, body shimmer and a pearly white smile. Kind of like an Orbit commercial.

Get out those spaghetti strapped swimsuits ladies, it’s time to show some skin.

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