WTF Friday: Really? In a Public Pool?

I get it. It’s hot. It’s so hot that you’re willing to take a dip in your town’s public pool. That’s okay, a little pee in the pool has never hurt anyone. But you know what does hurt people? Sex in the pool.

More specially watching a couple get it on in the pool for THIRTY MINUTES. Like one, stop showing off. Two, really? Three, are you trying to get a massive vaginal inflammation? There’s absolutely no way that woman left the pool with her vagina feeling good about itself.

And before you start simultaneously start puking and crying for all the kids who had to witness this horrendous fornication, know that this couple was 33 and 40. 33 and 40…and the best place they thought they should have sex was a public pool. Quality adult choices. QUALITY.

Excuse me while I go round up some therapists for all the witnesses.

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