4 Reasons Why It's Better To Go To College in Canada

When you were applying to colleges back in the fall semester of your senior year, you probably forget to include Canadian schools on that list. (You probably also forgot to include “schools with no Friday classes”…but that’s a blog topic for a later day.) Sure Canada is freezing, but that’s no reason to not go to school there. Think we’re wrong? Just check out our reasoning and tell me that you’re not debating transferring.
1. Cost. Tuition is a fraction of that at an American school so your chances of earning a degree are based on merit, not your piggy bank (or parents’). Unlike the States, almost all Canadian universities are publicly funded making tuition per program fairly standard at each university. The prestige of the institution and how much it costs to attend is almost entirely unrelated. Having attended private school all my life, it was refreshing to start university knowing we’d all had to earn it. There are obviously exceptions, but Canadian universities don’t typically accept students based on daddy’s most recent bank statement.
2. Drinking age is 19. It’s always confused me that at age 18, the US government considers you responsible enough to handle a gun in Iraq, or get hitched without parental consent, but you need another three years of maturation before you can legally drink wine with dinner. With the exception of Alberta and Quebec (where it’s 18!), the Canadian drinking age is a reasonable 19. Not that you need to be trashed to have a good time, but some of my best nights of sophomore year were spent at the campus pub catching the game with friends over a pitcher.
3. Free Healthcare. So you’ve had 5 too many, and you end up passed out in a snow bank. Not to worry, you can get your stomach pumped for free! Ok, maybe they’d charge you for that but check-ups, STD testing, emergency hospital visits etc are all covered by universal healthcare. Student life is stressful enough without having to worry whether or not your insurance will cover that unexpected trip to the campus clinic.
4.  Canadian Boys. Perhaps I’m biased but there is really nothing sexier than a hockey player (For reference please google Kevin Bieksa). Let’s note two gorgeous celebs (Carrie Underwood and Hillary Duff) have recently tied the knot to NHL beauties. In chilly Southern Ontario (home to a cluster of college towns), there is a bevy of hockey hotties with whom to practice your stick handling (couldn’t resist that pun). If athletes aren’t your type, maybe travel east to Quebec. There’s just something about the French that’s a little bit hard to resist.
So if you’re not convinced, come see for yourself!

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