CollegeCandy’s Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Music Festival

A cold beer, boho-style, Vanessa Hudgens licking “white chocolate” off her fingers, The Strokes blasting from a mile away…You have arrived at one of the many music festivals throughout the year! Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits and South by Southwest (to name a few) have just passed us by or are soon to be approaching as the summer heat picks up! Check out this guide to surviving a music festival if you’re game to stand out in a crowd, dig your hands into some yummy foods and drink drink drink! (…And by that I mean stay hydrated, obviously).

Music Fest-Style: Go Boho-Chic or Boho-Grunge

Camilla Belle and Kate Bosworth are masters of Boho-Chic, while Drew Barrymore and Miley Cyrus are pro’s of Boho-Grunge. For either look, depending on how you pair your pieces, you can achieve these styles with Music-Fest staples:

Fringe Anything: Boots, Roman sandals, slouchy bags, fringed Tee’s.

Fedora: Whether made of straw or khaki, it not only protects your face from the sun but looks stylish, too!

Cropped Tops: Adorable when paired with high-wasted shorts, cut-offs, or a maxi-skirt.

Cut-Off Shorts: Sexy and easy-going. Heat up the look with some knee-high gladiator sandals.

Tank Tops: Try a neutral color paired with bright jewelry and stand-out shoes.

Long Necklaces: Lengthier necklaces look more relaxed, and that’s the vibe of a live music festival. Gold, silver, rose-gold—anything will work. Add charms for a more feminine look.

Turquoise and Coral Jewelry: Perfect addition to any outfit, the little pop of color makes an outfit stand out.

Side Satchel Purses: Easy to walk in and keep track of.

Feathered Hair: If it’s socially acceptable in everyday-life, then a music festival should be the mother-ship of feathered hair!

Ray-Bans: Not “Fay-Bans” (fake Ray-Bans), you’ve got to have that little RB logo in the corner of the lens. Whether they be classics or aviators, it’s safe to say (in my opinion), that Ray-Ban is the official sunglass brand of any music festival.

Eats & Drank: Bottom line—Have no fear when it comes to food at festivals!

-All hail the delicious food vendors at music festivals! Be adventurous with this one—trying pulled-brisket bbq and queso nachos is still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Dig in!

-Don’t feel guilty about all the fried goodies you absolutely must sample. Fried fish wrapped in a tortilla and topped with jalapeno ranch and pico de gallo? We do not say no to that!

-All hail the infinite amount of chilled beer! There’s nothing better than sipping on a cold one while listening to your favorite band.

-Feeling classy? Try a glass of wine one evening if you’re over the beer-binge. I’ve also seen margaritas and other specialty drinks sold at places, so if you’re willing drop some cash, give those a shot!

Safety Musts

-Stay hydrated! Bring sealed water bottles into the festival with you and purchase water as you need throughout the day.

-Sunscreen—load it on! It’s hot out and three days of standing in the sun can take a toll on your skin. Load on the SPF and even get SPF lip balm if you’re extra sensitive.

-Be aware of your surroundings. Keep purses zipped up, don’t anger the belligerent drunk man and don’t become that belligerent drunk man in female form.

-If you’re staking out a spot at the stage of your favorite band, remember that things will get cramped and pushy once the show begins. Make sure you’re not claustrophobic or afraid to kindly push people back if need be.

Last but not least, bring cash to avoid ATM fees at the festival and pack an extra deodorant in your bag. Finally, enjoy yourself and have a blast!

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