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Leighton Meester is Suing Her Own Mother?


When I fight with my mom, it’s usually about stupid things like money, school, what I’m doing with my life, and all that good stuf. But when you’re a celebrity, life gets a little more complicated. For Leighton Meester, arguments with her mom are over things like medical bills and plastic surgery.

According to to TMZ, Leighton sent $7,500 to her mother to help with her brother’s medical expenses, but then claims her mother spent that money on cosmetic surgery for herself. Aside from that craziness, her mom is now insisting Leighton sends her an additional $10,000 per month to make up for what was lost.

Now, I don’t know all the details, but what I DO know is that Mrs. Meester is insane. I’m pretty sure she gave birth to Leighton while in jail for marijuana smuggling, and remained in prison for years after giving birth. Leighton really deserves some credit for making something of herself under tough circumstances. I mean, who would’ve thought Blair Waldorf was born behind bars?

When it comes to this whole court case, it’s times like these when I remember what Judge Judy taught me: always ask for receipts. Leighton should demand receipts from the hospital to make sure her brother was taken care of, and she should try to get some sort of receipt that proves her mom actually got plastic surgery. Without proof, this case is something straight out of Judge Joe Brown.

But just so we’re clear, I’m on Team Leighton. Who’s with me? We should make shirts!

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