Women’s Only College Will Admit Men…And Plans To Segregate Classes

Peace College, what used to be an all women’s college in North Carolina, recently announced they will soon begin admitting men to the school. Justifiably, some students and alumnae aren’t pleased—they made a conscious choice to attend an all women’s college and of course permitting men to campus will drastically change the environment of the institution.
This in itself is something to get upset about, as the younger students who may be affected by male enrollment are not receiving the education they are expecting and paying for. However, the situation gets much weirder.
The school also announced they plan to segregate classes based on gender. An apparent compromise that really will please no one. There will be single sex lessons, women’s only and men’s only classes.
Um, what?
To start, this may or may not even be legal under Title IX, a law which prevents gender segregation in some extra curriculars and electives. Apparently women would be able to register for men’s classes but I doubt anyone would cross over.
Regardless of legality, the reason behind the segregated classes is what really irks me. President of Peace college cites different “learning styles” between men and women as the reason for separate enrollment. The separated classes are not an attempt to preserve the single sex atmosphere Peace college used to boast, but rather because women and men learning differently. I’m no feminist, but aren’t we far past thinking things like this?
People learn differently, regardless of their sex. In my opinion there is no male or female way to learn things. And by classifying a type of teaching as male orientated, whatever that may be, women who identify best with that teaching style might be left in an awkward situation. Petition to join the male class that suits her better? Or remain the female class that may not be the best fit.
If Peace goes through with this plan, they will only succeed in creating a very bizarre environment. Men and women attending the same university, but not interacting in the classroom. What’s next? Segregated clubs or dining halls? As is, the plan is creating an exceedingly awkward middle ground between a single sex institution and a fully coed one.
I’m not sure why Peace decided to admit men in the first place (apparently it’s not for financial reasons). There are plenty of awesome single sex institutions that still exist and are successful in the country. What are your thoughts? Would you ever attend a single sex college or university? How do you feel about gender segregation?

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