Mariah Carey’s HSN Freak Out and Top 4 Other Diva Moments

There are a whole lot of divas out there. But Mariah Carey has GOT to be among the worst. This clip actually made me die a little inside.

Here’s a quick recap of her cameo on the Home Shopping Network: Mariah freaks out about “unflattering” camera angles, doesn’t seem too thrilled her earrings are selling for $40 and makes a lot of outlandish comments about diamonds. My favorite part? Almost going as far as saying having twins wasn’t worth her body changes. Almost, but not quite.

Oh, Mariah. This was just unreal. In honor of what I hope would be the most embarrassing moment of her life (but she’s a diva, so it probably isn’t) I decided to round up four more Mariah (or alter ego Mimi) Diva Moments…

1. Getting seriously upset she was not seated with Obama at his inauguration. Seriously.  I mean I’d go ahead say his family deserves the prime seating a bit more than you, Ms. Heartbreaker.

2.) Rumor has it, she used to have 10 bodyguards eat around her at restaurants so no one could see her.

3.) While signing autographs once in the UK, she demanded a throne to set her booty on. It retailed around $1600. Oh and it was to be surrounded by roses and butterflies.

4.) She wants a box of kittens and puppies backstage as part of her wardrobe demands.

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