This Post Grad Life: Bring Back the Birthday Nostalgia

I’m currently sitting on my couch in my apartment with my best friend. It is a Wednesday night. We are eating homemade cheesecake and drinking a sweet German Riesling. I have a little buzz and suddenly, we are watching When Harry Met Sally and commenting nonchalantly about Harry’s cynical sexiness and Sally’s unapologetic honesty. And in one hour, I’m turning twenty four.
Just like that. A day slips by. One minute I’m twenty three, sipping wine. And the next minute I’m twenty four and…still sipping wine.
Do you remember when turning a year older was a huge, extravagant celebration? Do you remember when you would count down every single moment until midnight — and you could fall asleep, wake up and wait for your little friends to buy you Polly Pockets and scurry into your parents’ house for cupcakes and gift bags?
I remember those days. I also remember in high school when I could walk down the hallway anticipating if my friends had decorated my locker to look like Party America vomited all over it. Everyone would bring cookies to share with our friends at the lunch table and my parents would take me somewhere for free birthday ice cream and unconditional love and presents and unicorns.
And of course, in college — birthdays were on crack. They would last an entire week, ending one moment and waking up another on the bathroom floor. I’ve lost count of how many of my friends got drunk, shoved their face in a cake and demanded their birthday last “at least, please, one more week!” Birthdays were stretching along the lines of utmost…extravagance.
Are you ready for the sad trombone noise? Here it goes. They don’t feel so extravagant anymore. There it is, I dropped the bomb.
I’m the annoying girl who likes fabulous/over the top birthdays. I like to go out to dinner, go dancing, rent a yacht like Beyonce…really, whatever it takes! I won’t lie, I’m am the birthday warrior woman. Kind of like a bridezilla, but extremely single and getting older. But now, I don’t have the time to plan these lovely birthday celebrations. I don’t want to have a house party because I’m lazy and usually would rather be napping. I’m NOT old, but I’m transitioning into a stage where I am beginning to imagine…celebrated simplicity.
At first I was completely bothered by new birthday simplicity outlook. WHAT? ¬†YOU MEAN I CAN’T HAVE MAGIC AND FIREWORKS THAT RAIN MONEY ON MY BIRTHDAY? No one is going to HUG me all day LONG just because they LOVE me!?!
No. Birthday’s don’t always have to be that way. They can be simple but they don’t need to be as extreme as they once were in college, stretching past lasting a week or two. They don’t need to have gift bags and lollipops. My birthday does not need to take an obnoxious heel click into the first second the clock hitting midnight. All I need now is close friends and family, my license to remind me how old I am (hehe only kidding, but seriously I have to think about it a little harder now), and maybe because I’m high maintenance – a sunny day.
What I’m saying is; birthday nostalgia doesn’t need to come from hours of planning an elaborate weekend and stressful hours fretting about whether or not your birthday is going to be one for the books. Birthday nostalgia can be simple and lovely birthday gestures and a nonchalant, happy celebration.
Please Note: That doesn’t mean I won’t plan a trip to Vegas next year.

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