The 10 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Needs

How many pairs of shoes are in your closet? 5? 10? 15 or more? Well, even if you are rocking double digits when it comes to your personal footwear collection, you’ve got nothing on Beth Shak: a professional poker player who claims to own over 1,200 pairs of shoes made up mostly of Louboutin and YSL designs. While some may ask “But does she really need that many shoes?,” the answer is yes.
When it comes to shoes, my philosophy is that you can never have enough. Unlike the rest of your body, your foot tends to stay the same size no matter how in or out of shape you are so you’ll never have the problem of buying a pair of shoes and then suddenly not being able to fit into them. This philosophy has made me keep every pair of shoes I’ve ever owned since middle school (minus old sneakers and worn down flip flops) and makes me feel like I have my own personal shoe store when picking the perfect outfit for a night out, a job interview, or a day at the beach.
Sure, there are some pairs in my closet that I’ll probably never wear again (like my 2002 chunky platform sandals) and I’m sure Beth has some pairs that will never see a red carpet or a dirty casino floor again, but we keep them in our closet just in case the early 2000’s come back in 20 years… or just to remind us how much progress we’ve made in the fashion department.
If you’re like me (living off a microscopic bank account), you definitely can’t afford 1,200 pairs of shoes. Lucky for you, there’s only 10 pairs that every girl really needs.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes? Are you guilty of hanging on to old, outdated shoes just for the sake of keeping a large collection? Are there any shoes you think we left off the list?

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Baggin' Out: Gap Metallic Chain Strap Bag
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