Design CC a New Logo and Win a Copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5.5

Photoshop. We know it as every celebrity’s best friend (“Wow, did you lose ten pounds over night!?”) and worst enemy (“Yikes, did you see her leaked nude photos?”). But did you know that the creative lengths to which you can go with Adobe Photoshop stretch way beyond slimming down thighs and blending one head onto another body?
For instance you can pimp out an endless number of class projects, add a little dazzle to your resume, kick-start a campus club with snazzy flyers or deck the halls of your sorority house. Recognizing that every student should have this essential program, Adobe and CollegeCandy want to give you the opportunity to win a copy of Photoshop CS5.5!
So, what’s the big idea?
Suddenly we’re all over the place. Have you noticed? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr…sheesh!
Now, we’re looking to add a little razzle and dazzle to our social networking sites. (You know- do it up, CC-style.) The one thing we’re missing is a really fun and creative design — background, icon, etc. — that can represent us across all our channels. never used Photoshop before to do something like this? NO FEAR! We’ve created the ultimate tutorial below to help you understand the basics..
That’s where you come in!
We’d love to challenge you to create the ultimate social media design for CollegeCandy, using any Adobe software. The winner not only gets their design featured on CollegeCandy social media channels, but also wins their own copy of CS5.5. To be eligible to win, send in the logo AND a photo of yourself creating the logo on your computer to editor (at) collegecandy (dot) com. Adobe software must be visible in the photo. You have until August 14th to come up with the winning design.
Read the rules and regulations here. And as Tim Gunn would say: designers, go go go!
Want to get your hands on a copy of Photoshop right now!?! Students get 80% off on all Adobe products. That is not a typo. 80% off!

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