An Open Letter to Overprotective Mommies: I'm In College, Not Kindergarten

Dear Mom,
Let me start this by saying you’re the best mother around. Seriously.
Going to college helped our relationship immensely. Distance made our hearts grow fonder us stop arguing about nit picky text messages, my apparent attitude problem, and a seriously unfair curfew. But it hasn’t dissipated your tendency to worry about every last thing and while I may never “understand until I have kids”, I still think you can try and address this issue.
I have come to learn your severe overprotective nature is only out of love. In elementary school when I took a spill during the soccer match you didn’t care about running onto the field and stopping the game to check on your baby, even though I would just shrug it off. I remember when my dates would come pick me up in high school you insist that they come in and talk to you every time, no matter how badly I protested. And driving my friends around before the 6 months rule had passed after receiving my license? Forget about it.
And while I can now appreciate all of those little things you did that used to drive me crazy, it’s time to let go. I’m your last child to go to college, making you an empty nester, which I know only causes you to worry more.
I promise, I’m not an alcoholic, despite how movies display drinking habits in college. I’m definitely, not caught up in any “funny business” even though I don’t totally know what that means. And I still wouldn’t waste my time dating a guy who would treat me anything less than a princess, you’ve spoiled me way too much for that…
I know, I know, I really should call more. And that’s on me. College gets in the way of life sometimes, but I’m alive and well. I’m about to take the plunge into the real world, so trust me to take care of myself ok? But please, feel free to keep those care packages coming.
All of my love,
Your Rising Senior

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