This Blog Will Change Your Life: Week 6

[There comes a time in every girl’s life, (usually after a third or fourth martini), when she realizes “Damn, I need to do something… travel to Europe, take up Chinese, get married…someeeething! I need to change my life.” Finding myself in one such rut and without the cash-flow for a capricious jet-set to France, I decided to live by the book, take the plunge, and tackle the Benrik challenge.]

Week 6 – Task 1

Day 301: Be the last (wo)man standing tonight

Not a problem.

We arrived at the bar exactly at 11:15pm and the bar was already two-people-deep.  One drink quickly turned into two and two drinks quickly turned into a dance party. Between the drinks, the dancing and the gorgeous bartender, I was pretty damn confident in my abilities to stay till close. They had to pull me off the floor… and er… away from the bar.

By 2:05am all of the lights were on and the chairs were up. Luckily for me, the DJ was still jamming, people were still dancing, and the drinks were still flowing. Nice! At 2:15, however, the waitresses and waiters were ready to go home. Even though the gorgeous bartender had now hit the dance floor to join in on the fun, there was definitely some animosity in the air towards the people who were still there. Whatever! Finally at 2:27 everything had stopped and the security guards were literally walking people out. I could only dodge them for so long and at 2:40 I was out for the night… as the last (wo)man standing.

Week 6 –Task 2

Day 146: Famous last words: prepare yours ahead of time

“I have had nineteen Long Island Ice Teas tonight! That’s got to be a world record or something…”

[This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has read the previous post]

Week 6 –Task 3

Day 120: Spend No Money 

Whaaaaat? You got to be kidding me!

And of course, OF COURSE, this is the day when everyone asks me to go out with them. Let’s go see a movie. Want to grab some lunch? Let’s go to mall!  God. Then I realize that my refrigerator is COMPLETELY empty. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner I had the choice of peanut butter, stale cereal with wine, or some old crackers. Grreeeeat. Then if that wasn’t enough, I remembered that I had an appointment with my trainer. I think: Am I just not going to pay her today? Luckily she understood when I explained that “I forgot my wallet”. She let me give her the money on the following day…a day, by the way, that involved spending some major cash.

Week 6 – Task 4

Day 105: Lie to someone about your past 

First of all, I should say that I have a lot of practice with this one. I always test my bull-shitting abilities when creepy guys come up to me. So for this challenge, I decided to see how far I could push myself – just what could I make these guys believe?

I am not lying to you when I say that they believed the following:

[Picture blonde hair, smokey eyes, and a sundress. Then insert a fake southern accent] My name is Carolyn-Bell. I am visiting my friend at the University of Michigan, but  yes I am from down south, South Carolina to be exact. Oh, I go to (shit, what Universities do they have in South Carolina?) South Carolina University. (I know, I know, good save) I study… entomology. Oh yes, I love studying bugs. They are so interesting! My father, he was born in India, and they have the greatest selection of bugs in the world there. So every summer he would take my brother and I to the homeland and we would catch bugs for him to document. I guess the thrill just never left me… Yes only the one brother. He is up in Alaska studying the destruction of the ecosystem caused by the harvesting of stem cells from baby seals…


Week 6 – Task 5

Day 129: Count your blessings

Today I am asked to assess my blessings scientifically by using a provided coding chart. According to the book, if I score more than 40 points, I am luckier than 90% of the human race.

Point Scale:

Are you alive?                                                                        Check – 10 points
Are you in good health                                                           Check – 9 points
Do you have a partner?                                                          Check – 7 points
Do you have regular sex?                                                       Check  – 6 points
Do you have children?                                                            3 points/Child
Do you have a roof over your head?                                      Check – 5 points
Can you feed yourself and your family                                  Check – 5 points
Do you have a steady job?                                                         3 points
Are you free from racial or sexual discrimination?                Check – 5 points
Is your country currently at peace?                                         Check – 6 points
Is your country well away from any geological fault lines?    Check – 6 points
Are your parents still alive?                                                     Check –  4 points
Are you still on speaking terms with them?                            Check – 4 points
Have you found God?                                                              Check – 3 points
Have you found yourself?                                                        Check – 2 points
Were you born into one of the richer social classes?               Check – 5 points
Are you a born optimist?                                                                  6 points
Are you a born pessimist?                                                        Check – minus 6 points
Do you have a sense of humor?                                                Check – 1 point

Total score:  72. I must be one lucky lady.

Are you following along with the challenge? Tell us below!

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