In Our Makeup Bag: Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish

What It Is:
Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Setting your makeup is such an important step, especially in the summer, that many people skip. Makeup isn’t water or sweat-proof (gross, I know) and any moisture that ends up on your face contributes to a “makeup meltdown.” You can get products designed solely for setting in spray and powder forms and they ensure that you don’t look like a sweaty raccoon monster by the end of your night on the town!
Skindinavia makes a whole range of makeup setting sprays, suited to different needs. I’m an oily-skinned girl, so naturally I went with the spray designed for my skin type.
How To Use It:
This spray is super easy to use and comes with surprisingly detailed instructions. Skindinavia says “Apply just before mascara. Spray 2-4 times in an “X” and “T” formation.”
I’ve actually applied this after mascara, with no running, etc, so don’t worry if that slips your mind. I also only apply 2 spritzes of the product; I find that to be enough to cover my face. Additionally, I pat dry after so my foundation doesn’t look patchy.
CC Rating: A

If you’re an oily-skinned gal like myself or just looking for a spray to set your makeup for a wild night out, then look no further. Seriously, No More Shine Makeup Finish is genius! I’ve been using it during hot summer days and it sets my makeup perfectly. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting in a sweltering office for 8 hours or dancing the night away, my makeup looks flawless. AND I’m not sporting any gross shine. Another bonus: Skindinavia claims that a 4oz bottle will last 12 weeks with daily use (of 2-4 sprays). The 4oz bottle will run you $29, but divided by the 84 days in those weeks, it works out to about 34 cents everyday. Not a bad price for shine-free skin!
Interestingly enough, I discovered that Skindinavia actually makes the Urban Decay setting sprays. They are the exact same formula and cost the exact same amount. I found this to be a bit strange, but also good that these sprays are easy to track down as a result of the collaboration.
I can’t speak to how this may work on dry-skinned girls, but Skindinavia has a tool to help you determine which finish is right for you (check it out here).
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