Ashton Kutcher Joins 2 and a Half Men… but Why?

Now that the whole Charlie Sheen “winning” era has slowed down a bit (seriously, where is he? Haven’t heard from him in months), CBS has finally decided to spill a few more details as to Sheen’s 2 and a Half Men replacement: Ashton Kutcher. Aside from now knowing that Mr. Demi Moore will be playing Walden Schmidt (“an internet billionaire with a broken heart“), no further details have been revealed which leaves the fans lots to speculate about.

First off, if he’s an “Internet billionaire” (whatever that means), why would he be moving in with Alan and Jake? Usually billionaires don’t need to have roommates… unless you’re a billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg who has hundreds of billions of dollars but was living in a modest, run-down house up until recently.

Second off, the last we heard from the show before the “bi-winning” days was that Charlie was sneaking away to Paris with some girl with the intention of proposing to her… perhaps Walden is the girl’s ex-boyfriend or something? Unless his “heartbreak” can be somehow tied to the series, I don’t seen how viewers will be able to connect with the new character.

Or maybe the addition of Ashton to the cast was just a way for the show to widen it’s audience. Personally, I’ve only seen the show a few times simply because the cast never really appealed to me, but replacing Sheen with Kutcher might incline me to give the show another chance (if only for the fact that I can’t get enough of Ashton’s typecast “bad boy” attitude).

And it’s a little crazy- even though he’s 33, he still doesn’t look a day over 26. Not to mention, the boy who used to be considered the “and a half” is almost 18. Maybe they’ll end up changing the name of the show to One Man, One Hot Guy Who’s Been Playing the Same Roles for 10 Years, and One Teenager Who’s Almost Legal. I know I’d watch a show with a name like that…

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