Behind the Scenes with Celebs’ Nannies

So we think celebrities can do it all — spearhead successful careers, look fabulous 24/7, spend loads of cash, cruise on Valentino’s yacht, attend P.Diddy’s white party, get Botox, meet with their trainers…and take care of their kids. It seems like we’re constantly ooh-ing and ahh-ing over those cute celebri-kids hanging out with their famous ‘rents.

But then we notice the giant designer purses, skinny jeans and 4 inch heels some of these moms are wearing. Or the general look of disinterest on these dads’ faces. Are these people really looking after their kids, or are they just in it for the family photo op? There never seem to be “help” around, aside from the stray body guard, but with a little digging look what we found — celebs have hidden nannies. And you’d be surprised to learn who sought out the extra set of hands…

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