Hot or Hot Mess: Blake Lively at Green Lantern Premiere in Chanel

I would never know, but I always imagine it’s quite a challenge to look less than perfect in Chanel. However, looking less than perfect in Chanel is better than no Chanel at all. Well, usually.

When I look at this Chanel dress, worn by Blake Lively at the Green Lantern Premiere, I just…don’t get it. The top half is good. I am a little distracted by the fact that there is a huge flower on her nipple, but I can get past that. It’s perfectly fine. And then there’s the weird, chiffon-y skirt bit. I don’t get it. It’s a little bridal, very floral and just seems to be doing way too much at once.

She wore the dress with (surprisingly pretty) silver glittery shoes (akin to ones I wore as a seven year old to the school disco, but probably closer to the price of an apartment) and lots of gold jewellery. She wore layered bangles and two cocktail rings, and a pretty gold hair piece.

One of the big complaints of this outfit is that it doesn’t scream “Superhero Movie Premiere”. It’s a little too serious. It’s a little too “Chanel party on a yacht.” The dress is very elegant but the jewellery is a little clunky. I love her hair and makeup though; her one-shoulder hair is lovely, and her makeup is pretty and simple.

I think this would have been much cuter as a mini dress and would allow Blake to show off those amazing legs of hers. I think it’s the sheer skirt part that puts me off.

But what do you guys think? Hot or hot mess?

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