CollegeCandy Goes to the Change-Up Junket

When I sat down in the theater for the press screening of “The Change-Up” I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. As far as I could tell the movie was going to be a nice excuse for everyone to drool and sigh over Ryan Reynolds for little over an hour, but within the first few minutes of the film and after a flash of projectile baby excrement thwarted at Jason Bateman’s face, I knew that this flick was more than just Freaky Friday with an R-rating. This film was a game changer.
“The Change-Up”, starring Reynolds and Bateman, focuses on old friends Dave (Jason Bateman) and Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) who want each other’s lives. As imagined, the pals are total opposites — with Dave being the responsible lawyer and father and Mitch being the bachelor guy who sleeps with copious amounts of strange women (and in this case,  strange includes a very pregnant chick). The two finally get their wish after letting their flow go in a magical fountain. Sounds Disney, but right from the get go these guys are SO convincing and enthralling that you set aside all disbelief and go along for the ride.
You’ll spend the next hour or so after the initial plot kick off cringing, laughing and being somewhat grossed out (yet wanting more) of Reynolds character’s antics as he tries to adapt to “adult life”. You’ll also be wanting nothing more than to see Bateman’s make it out alive through this life switch.
At the Junket the director and the cast of the film all agreed that “The Change Up’s”  R-rating has allowed them to explore and show all the true and very real consequences of walking in someone else’s  shoes. I mean how else could you include a scene that shows what happens when a lawyer is forced to cringe through his “actor” buddy’s Lorno (light porn) job without pushing the rating? Although I found myself wondering if they’d gone too far with some of the content, I ultimately have to agree that the choice to also include the not so perfect reality of switching bodies is what initially stuck with me when I walked out of the screening. As a moviegoer I really appreciated that honesty in the film.
“The Change-Up” has so many EPIC scenes that you and your friends will be quoting over and over. It really is that comedy “you must see” this summer. If you’re looking for Hangover laughs with Freaky Friday heart—skip your date with the re-runs and go see “The Change Up” tonight.
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Candy Dish: Team Eric
Candy Dish: Team Eric
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