Spelling Test: How To Properly Shorten Your Favorite Words

Here at CollegeCandy we’re all about abbrevs. They save time, they’re funny and we like to think they spice up mundane conversation. Even though we might have started saying them sarcastically, all of these dandy shortened expressions have snuck their way into our regular vocabularies. But these sayings come with a serious problem. Obvs it’s all fun in games when we’re talking, but how on earth do you spell them?? Do you go with phonetics or just shorten the original word? Take a look at the CollegeCandy approved abbrev spelling, because we totes need to set the record straight.

The Word: Session

The Abbrev: Sesh.

Example: “Come over for a quick study sesh!”

The Word: Decent

The Abbrev: Dece

Example: “Yeah he’s a pretty dece guy”

The Word: Belligerent

The Abbrev:. Bellig

Example: “He was totes bellig last night”

The Word: Usually

The Abbrev: Uze

Example: “Yeah, I uze shop there”

The Word:  Naturally

The Abbrev: Natch

Example: “I’m coming over, Natch”

And let’s put it all together now!

After we get dece bellig at parties, we uze need to have a catch up sesh at brunch, natch!

Think you can outdo that one? Prove it in the comments!

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