3 Easy Steps To Choosing An Awesome Ringtone

My freshman year of college I knew someone who’s ringtone was When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls.  Basically the whole “I want to have groupies” vs. “boobies” debate was sparked in my mind every time this girl received a damn phone call. Not only was I plagued with that ordeal but also I find the song down right annoying. And of course, her phone would always be on loud.

Sometimes, people make questionable ringtone choices. Our friends at Lovelyish took a moment to recall embarrassing ringtones of yore, but let’s do one better.

Here is a foolproof plan to selecting a ringtone you will be proud of, not one that will provide your friends with ammo to write about your lame choices on a blog for everyone to read.

1. Classics>Current Hits: If you love the song and it’s five years later, it’s probably pretty awesome. You’ll get sick of the current chart topper (if someone plays Give Me Everything one more time…) but if the jam has already endured the test of time and you’re still loving it, I promise it’s a keeper.

2. Choose a Ringtone That Everyone Can Approve Of: Tons of swearing or sexually explicit lyrics is down right awkward in front of parents. No one needs to hear your Taylor Swift several times a day. And honestly, angry metal music sends the wrong message when it goes off accidently during the meeting with your advisor. Think before you download.

3. Avoid Angsty Celebrities: When Kanye west starts blowing up your twitter with angry rants, you’ll regret even considering Gold Digger for your ringtone. Play it safe, with singers and bands who don’t make you want to gauge your own eyes out with their ridiculousness.

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