Texas Forever: A Tim Riggins Tribute

Without question, Friday Night Lights had to be one of the most underrated television dramas of the past several years. If you’ve never watched an episode (gasp!) or never heard of it (double gasp!), get your tush over to Netflix right this instant. The seasons are available on instant stream…and you don’t even have to like football! FNL was all about the well-written plot lines and seriously hot actors.

For those of you who were fans of the Dillon Panthers, you know alllll about my boyfriend Taylor Kitsch, who played Tim Riggins on FNL. His broody stares, his love for Texas, his amazing abs, his tortured soul. If such a man existed outside of tv land, I’d be all over that. (Just sayin’.) But since we live in the real world, I (and you) will just have to settle for some glorious pictures of Tim, instead.

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