This Post Grad Life: I Talk About This Stuff?

“Oh.Em.Gee.  And then I woke up in his bed and he had peed all over his Superman sheets after we made out for four hours.”
“If one more person raises their hand in class and asks what time the final exam is as it is written in the 80 page syllabus, I’m going to vow to never eat a scone from the caf ever again. And that’s serious.”
“I think somebody farted in class today and I hope it wasn’t the hot dude. I really like looking at him and that would totally ruin things for me.”
These aren’t conversations I have anymore. In fact, I can’t even believe I used to have them. They are completely pointless, entirely stupid and absolutely glorious.  Ok FINE, I wish I still talked about this kind of stuff on a daily basis – but things have been a little different in my new post grad life. I never said people don’t fart in meetings rooms, but they aren’t sexy and I won’t tell anyone about it.
I’ve noticed a huge shift in my conversations lately. They’re like, slightly grown up. Flash Notice: I still talk about sex, flatulence, snot and totally gross 5-year-old boy things – just bare with me while I try to sound cool and old. Here are the top five new things I’m chatting about these days (that I’m not quite used to yet):
1. Work
Work is by far the most popular post grad topic to blab about (partially because you don’t know what else to think about and partially because it’s all you know to think about). People at work. Arguments at work. Mistakes at work. Failing at work. Having a “semi-good day” at work. Secret work crushes. You ate lunch at your desk at work. You spoke your mind in a meeting at work. You drank a lot of water at work so you’d waste time going to the bathroom at work. Everything I talk about nowadays is fogged with that ‘w’ word. Work, work, work, WORK.
2. People getting married/engaged/pregnant on Facebook
Vanished are the days that I can look at Facebook and point and laugh at the embarrassing pictures of people getting hammered in public. This happens at least once a day for me. I open up Facebook, glance over the news feed and look up from my computer to screen to my roommate that yet another high school classmate popped out a baby and took the baby daddy’s stupid last name.
3. Not making enough money
I don’t know how long THIS one is going to last but it’s already getting old. I get a big girl job and suddenly think I should be making enough money to shop at Pottery Barn and J Crew on a weekly basis. Not really the case people. I have a paid salary ego and it’s gotta go.
4. Stress.
This is a conversation topic spawned from the work topic. After spending all day talking about how I’m not married, single, not making that much money and dealing with everything at my job – I can’t help but to talk about how many zits I have because all I do is stress eat and pick at my face.
5. The future
In college, all I talked about was…college (and where we were spending thirsty Thursday). The future was a dark blob that sat in the corner of my mind, untouched with minimal regret for feeling that way. Now, the future lays out in front of me like a fresh tar highway that I am being forced to drive on at top speed. And all I want to do is talk about it with my friends! “Where do you think we’re going to be in a year? What happens if I make this decision, how much will it effect the next few months? Will I lie in a box in two months because I want to quit my job and the economy is bad?”
Who knows. And that’s the beauty of it all.

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