Budget Stylista: Color Me Bad…On the Bottom!

For the last few months, I’ve seen a pair of BRIGHT blue jeans staring at me through the window of Intermix on my walk to and from Starbucks, yoga, dinner, etc. Paired with what I can only imagine is a top that costs more than my rent, I keep thinking that they are pretty C to the U-T-E. I’m always tempted to go in and try them on, but just as I’m about to, my inner dialogue goes a little something like this:
“Of course they look cute on a tall and skinny mannequin. But you Jill, are not a tall and skinny mannequin. You, in those blue pants would look less like a mannequin and more like… a Smurf. And not one of those cute little Smurfs with their cute little legs and white little hats that a 3 year old would want to see in 3D but a Smurf with really big, bright blue thighs. But then again they are so cute. But is it silly to spend $150 on a pair of pants that may or may not make me look like a Smurf and may or may not be out of style in like 4 days?”
And so, after months of staring and contemplating, I figured what did I have to lose?! I went into the store and I tried on the bright blue Smurfette pants. And to my surprise, I looked like a CUTE Smurf. As in, these pants were blue AND bangin’, fun and surprisingly flattering. I mean, don’t get me wrong these are no black pants and they sure as hell are not Spanx but paired with the right top, shoes and bag, I am confident that just about anyone can rock bright colored denim and look darn cute doing so. All it takes is a bit of confidence and knowing what to pair with your bright bottoms (we’ll get to that in a moment). But the $150 pricetag? I’m all for shelling out big bucks on quality timeless pieces that will last you more than a season (Chanel handbag, I will own you ONE day!) But when it comes to these colorful and playful pants, you might be sick of them before you can say “Skittles, taste the rainbow.” Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up the brightest bottoms around at a budget price. Woot Woot.
Here are some tips and tricks to remember when dressing in an bright bottom: I say keep everything else pretty neutral. I love any of the below pants paired with a white top, and nudge wedges. If you want to play with color blocking, keep the other color as an accent- a headband, a handbag, or a bright patent belt or bangle should do the trick. Prints are OK so long as they are smaller in nature. And I would avoid big, bold stripes or prints! If you’re nervous about having a case of the TT’s (Thunder Thighs) opt for a longer tunic or top to cover your badonk-a-donk and a good portion of those quads/hamstrings of yours.

Top Row: Bright blue jeans- $54 Lulus.com, Teal jeans- $69.95- Gap.com , Brown jeans-$22.80- Foever 21, Coral Jeans- $44.50 dELiA*s
Bottom Row: Hot Pink jeans $69.95- Gap.com, Bright yellow jeans- $44.50 (buy another one get one for $20!) dELiA*s, Cherry red jeans- $54- lulus.com, Purple jeans- $74- Topshop.com

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