End Your Summer with a Road Trip!

4 wheels + 3 friends + 2 many drinks + 1 destination = a killer weekend you’ll never forget. It’s that point in the summer when you’re starting to get fed up with your hometown, but aren’t quite ready to get back into the grind of fall semester.  The best compromise is to escape for a little while and hop on the road.  Allow me to play trip adviser and direct you on how to make the best of your summer vacay:

Pick the Right Crew:

Ideally, your car should be a few friends of both sexes. Take it from an all-girls school alum- too much estrogen in a tight space can end in bitch-outs, tears and way too many bathroom breaks. That being said, be careful not to pick people you think might turn the trip sour. Vacation hookups turn especially awkward if you have to drive six hours home with the dude.

Keep it Cheap:

Unless you’re group is the cast of The Hills, you don’t have the luxury of 5-star hotels and room service. En route accommodation can be as easy as pitching a tent. You’re bound to pass by a few campgrounds along the way. If sleeping outdoors isn’t your thing, make use of your friends. Tons of my friends stayed in their apartments/students’ homes during the summer while taking an extra course and have couches to spare. Just remember to ask before just dropping by.

Take Lots of Stops:

You’ll be amazed at how much there is to explore in your province/state once you drive through it. Pull over every so often and snap some shots. Apart from spectacular views, there are plenty of fun little towns to discover. It’s especially fun to do as the locals do. One town we stopped in had more bars than gas stations and, well, when in Rome…

Mix a Sick Playlist:

Hours on the road can get a little dull without some tunes. Let everyone put their iPod on at least once. Even if you don’t know/can’t stand the selections, you’re probably getting a kick out of everyone’s taste. We went from blasting Britney’s “Oops I did it Again” (guys included), to “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” in the span of a few miles. Trust me, the hours fly by when you’re attempting a buckled up version of the “Single Ladies” dance.

Most importantly, be safe! Excuse the maternal instinct but be smart behind the wheel. Remember to sober up, buckle up and wake up before turning the key. As one of my fellow road-trippers warned before we left: one accident is too many.

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