My Life as a Leftie

There seems to be a national day for everything, but as a lefty myself, I can’t argue with National Left-Handed Day. Years ago there was a huge social stigma surrounding handedness. Left-handedness was associated with the devil and children were forced to use their non-dominant hand in school. Luckily now, being a lefty is just a little quirk. About 10% of the population is left-handed, so for the rest of you, here’s what’s it’s like to be a southpaw.

1.    We got to use the special scissors

In grade school when it came time for arts and crafts there were only a few pairs of left-handed scissors. Sure, I could’ve used the regular ones but when you’re five, using the left-handed pair put you in a pretty exclusive group. They also sell left-handed flasks but those are more for older kids. Like first graders.

2.     We always have ink on our hand

Take a look at a lefty’s hand after lecture and you’ll notice a big smudge from their pinky to their wrist. When we write, our hand drags over the page and leaves a big inky mess we call the “left-handed curse”. Being on urban dictionary makes it a real term right?

3.   We might have had a twin

There’s a theory (probably not true but still interesting) that left-handed people had a twin early in fetal development. What happened to it? Well the right-handed twin died because we took up all the resources. We were basically murderer babies, but hey, we all have a past.

4.     We’re generally more visual

Since left-handedness means we are typically “right-brained”, we tend to be more spatially aware. Statistically, lefties tend to supposedly nr more inclined towards fine art and design. I can barely draw stick people so I guess I’m the exception.

5.     We’re higher earners

Studies have concluded that the average college-educated lefty makes about a tenth more money than the average righty. Here’s hoping that this statistic applies to me in a few years.

 6.   We’re shafted to one section of the class

Most lecture halls have those little collapsible desks but only a handful of them are on your left side. Unless you want a crick in your neck from twisting in the right-handed desks, you’re destined to the lefty section. The plus side is you can bond with your fellow lefties.

To all my fellow southpaws (and righties who now wish you were), happy National Left-Handed Day!

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