Meet our Adobe Contest Winner!


Two weeks ago we told you that we were on the search to find a new, cool logo to use on all our many social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr). And Adobe was so excited to hear about our Photoshop-inspired contest that they decided to chip in to give the winner her very own copy of CS5.5.

We got a whole slew of entries and it was hard to pick the very best one. I mean, you’re looking at judges who’s Photoshop skills are still on the Microsoft Paint level. So it’s fair to say that we were pretty, pretty impressed with the entries that came in.

But life is about making the hard decisions and that’s why we had to pick just one. So with no further ado, see the new face of CC social media (give or take a few tweaks).

Oh, and if this contest got you all hot and bothered about Adobe, then get excited. Because on August 21st, they’re launching a contest that you gotta see to believe! It’s the Imagination Challenge and you could win up to $10,000. That’s a lot of $1 slices of pizza. Or like one really nice iPad, a new fall wardrobe and still a lot of $1 slices of pizza.

P.S: While we’re on the Photoshop topic train, don’t forget to watch our awesome tutorial on turning your summer memories into a piece of artwork.