The Weekly Ten: Things I Will Miss about Summer

It’s that time of year again, summer internships are ending, soon-to-be freshman are crowding the lines at Bed Bath and Beyond and those of us not heading back to college are forced into finding a more permanent life option.
Don’t get me wrong I will not miss the 400 dollars I drop for books every semester, or my five in the morning study sessions…but the parties, my friends being down the hall, not having to pay rent are all things that will be severely missed come September.
Instead I’m being forced into real life. Which involves finding a full-time job now that my paid summer internship only has two weeks left. But, because I have two weeks left of the good life, here are ten things I’m going to still be day dreaming about during the cold winter nights:
1. Late night bonfire beach trips. Not only is s’mores my favorite food group (because yes it is in a league of its own) I love late night talks over burning wood, and the old musty smell it gives off when paired with low tide.
2. Moving. This time of year is always filled with boxes, because in August is when I finally go through all of my school things to decide what I actually need to bring. Granted I never fully pack until the last night.
3. Playing outside.  I love being outside, and during the summer every time of day is open for some outdoor activity.
4. Concerts in the park. Not only is it a cheap date, but it’s a fun picnic with your friends (especially if you sneak in some Franzia).
5. Being with my Family. This is the one time of year that my whole family is free and we are able to spend summer nights talking about a fire or just hang in the pool.
6. Going out clothes. For once my legs don’t get stubble when walking from the T to the club.
7. Endless days. Although I have a job, it is so easy to get caught up with the never-ending day syndrome, i.e. when you are with friends for countless days and completely lose track of time.
8. The beach.  I love everything about the beach from the smell of low tide to the tourist in speedos.
9. Margaritas. Obviously you can drink them any time, but during the summer they just seem to taste better.
10. My last free summer. This is officially my last college summer, from here on out it will be 40-hour work weeks and no more during the week beach trips.
What are you going to miss about summer?

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