Grown-up Uses for Your Favorite Childhood Toys

If you are anything like me you are spending the summer at home and your hoarders-obsessed mom is demanding that you clean out your childhood closet.  Not only is this a total pain, there are memories attached to all the things you grew up with. You can’t get rid of them without feeling like you’re betraying a part of yourself. This dilemma can go one of two ways:
1. You can call an ultimatum and tell your mom that you are not getting rid of anything unless she ends her attachment to shoulder-padded 80’s blazers (this won’t end well) or
2. You can throw her a curveball by finding room for your childhood toys in your life.  Here are some creative, grown-up ways to use the toys in your life.

Unfortunately, there are some toys you will have to make peace with. Easy Bake ovens aren’t good for anything other than starting fires. Your doll collection is creepy. But if you can’t find a grown-up use for a toy you hold near and dear, play the trump card.  Tell your mom that her future grandkids will looooove it.
Yes, Andy did the right thing by finding the Toy Story gang a new home, but I’m sure the would have been happier in college. So hold fast to the spirit of youth by welcoming back some old plastic friends into your life. Your inner child will thank you.

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