Top 5 Hottest Athletes (and their bodies!)

To celebrate the onset of the football season, we’re thanking the heavens above for returning to us the privilege of drooling over these beautiful football bodies. Hell, I can think of firm, chiseled bodies–I mean, men–that I’d love to just be in the presence of from practically every sport. Let me give you a run-down of my “type.” These are my top 5 hottest athletes:
1. Reggie Bush
2. Ryan Kesler
3. David Beckham
4. Will Demps
5. As a treat for my last athlete of choice, I present to you an entire slideshow of him; Shirtless, Wet, and Muscles Popping! Click here to see the goods. Oh and you’re welcome.

Candy Dish: Material Girl
Candy Dish: Material Girl
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