If Disney Princesses Went to College…

Disney has been embedded into our lives since we’ve been little nugget kittens, playing with sticky Cheerios on our highchair trays like old ladies at a nursing home, watching all of our favorite lady characters become our newest edition of cartoon¬†role models.
So why forget about them completely when college rolls around? I know I haven’t forgotten. In fact, I’ve watched my fair share of Disney throwbacks about um, 80 times, in the comfort of my own dorm room. Most of the time I watch them because I need a mid-week special to soften the blow of a study sesh, or need a blatant yet creative excuse to procrastinate. The main reason I watch them still remains to be the magical feeling Disney movies and their princesses give me. Like I’m going to wake up the next morning in a glittery pumpkin wearing glass slippers…
“A dream is a wish your heart makes…doo di doo di doo.”
I won’t get caught up singing in Cinderella’s honor but I do wonder what each Disney princess would be like if she were flip-flopping her way to the community bathroom with a shower caddy swinging at her side. A dream is a wish your heart makes after an theme party¬†education, am I right?!?
Let’s look into what a college campus would be like with each Disney princess present.

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The Craziest Fanny Packs
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