Pick the Perfect Profile Picture

Consider your profile picture your viral handshake. Why, you ask? Let’s just say that, like a firm grip, the little image leaves a lasting impression. See the following scenarios to be sure you select the most flattering photo for you.
1. So… You party
Like most people, you enjoy a nice night out. The question is: How much of your party-animal personality should be reflected in your profile picture? To narrow your choices, rule out any photos with red cups and wasted faces. And, before you upload, ask yourself: What would Mom think of this? If it would make her stomach roll, pick a different one.
2. So… You’re in a relationship
We get it: You’re in love. But as cute as you two are, no one wants to see your personal pictures. Make people say “aw”—not “ew”—when viewing your page. This means no profile pictures of you making out with your boyfriend. Keep bedroom play in the bedroom instead of at your friends’ fingertips.
3. So… You’ve got a banging body
Trust me, people have probably noticed. Unless your main goal is to garner more creepers, be clothed in your profile picture. Leave a little to the imagination by being classy, not trashy. Because let’s face it: Strutting your stuff in a bikini is only appealing for some professions.
4. So… You have Photoshop
Congrats, so do I. But owning the software doesn’t give you the go-ahead to airbrush the shit out of your pictures. The same goes for adding quotes, decorative frames and clipart. You want to be recognizable to people when you meet them in person.
5. So… You own a ____________
We know you love your convertible, beach house, new Nikes, Pomeranian puppy—the list goes on and on. Just remember: No one likes a showoff. Please, stop posting Photo Booth pictures of you and your kitty. As much as you might think everyone cares, they don’t.

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Ask A Roommate on CCTV
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