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This Trick Tells You Who You Stalk the Most on Facebook


Everybody, quick! While perusing the exciting news of the day and munching on a delish bagel, I came across this story from Buzzfeed. They claim that if you log on to Facebook, then click a link they provide, you’ll be able to see who’s pages you’ve been snoopin’ on the most.

Ever curious, and always self-absorbed, of course I followed the instructions. Gosh golly, lo and behold it actually works!

Try it for yourself before the brainiacs at Facebook decide we’ve had enough fun and fix whatever techy loophole we’ve found. If it doesn’t work the first time, try clicking the link again. That’s what I had to do. And when you get it up, can someone explain to me what the negative numbers mean and the decimals? I’m a little confused.