Budget Stylista: Not Your High School Uniform Plaid

Plaid is one of thing that never goes out of style, but I’m sure many ladies who had to wear a plaid skirt pre-university gag at the thought of wearing plaid again. While it’s true that it’s pretty difficult to ditch the school girl appearance with a pleated plaid skirt, there are many other ways to wear plaid.

As plaid never really goes out of style, it’s one of those things that everyone (and their purse-sized dog) has in their closet. If you haven’t jumped onto the plaid bandwagon, or only have your school skirt in your closet,  it’s easy to find plaid on the cheap. As everyone owns plaid, if you’re sick of your current pieces, try swapping with a same-size friend.

As much as I love plaid, there are some challenges with it. First, there’s Catholic school girl stereotype. Second, the farm girl image. And third, the punk-rock princess with safety pins in her skirt. If you play carefully with plaid then it’s pretty easy to avoid these not-so nice plaid stereotypes.

If you don’t want to look like an extra from Hit Me Baby One More Time, avoid knee socks, mary jane shoes and a tied-up shirt with a plaid skirt. To steer clear of a cowgirl get-up, stay away from wearing both jeans and cowboy boots with your plaid. And unless you’re channeling your favorite punk rocker you might want to avoid the ripped mesh shirts. Just some suggestions.

For those looking to keep their plaid looking fresh, here are two suggestions on how to rock plaid on a budget.

The Plaid Shirt: 

For early fall, I love me a plaid shirt with denim shorts. I like the shirt tucked into the belted short, for some preppy flare. A simple flat with bow embellishment and a beaded bracelet in a complimentary color finish off the outfit. When it starts to get a little colder you could add some tights under your shorts, and add the jacket from the outfit below. Transition pieces are the greatest.

Outfit details: Plaid Shirt – $29.50 American Eagle, Cuffed Denim Shorts – $15 Old Navy,
Beaded Bracelet –  $15.25 American Eagle, Belt – $6.80 Forever 21, Bow Flats – $17.99 Target

The Plaid Summer Dress:

I love toughing up a simple, summer dress. While for the final days of summer you can enjoy wearing your plaid dress with sandals, it’s another piece that’s easy to transition. A faux-leather jacket and 3-finger ring are a nice contrast against the girly dress. This is a beautiful blue scarf that would contrast nicely with the pink, but also look good against the black jacket. A pair of trusty Toms finish off the outfit.

Outfit Details: Plaid dress – $31.20 Quiksilver, Faux-leather Jacket – $49.94 Old Navy,
Teal Scarf –  $24.10 American Eagle, 3-Finger Ring – $6.80 Forever 21, Slate Toms – $54 Toms

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