Movie Inspiration: Fashion Inspired by The Breakfast Club

[This post and contest come hot off the Internet presses from our friends at CollegeFashion!]
School is on everyone’s mind as we approach the final weeks of August. One of my favorite school-themed movies is The Breakfast Club, and it’s the perfect source of fashion inspiration for back-to-school. In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the basic plot: five high schoolers are held captive in detention one Saturday, and throughout the course of the day, their struggles and similarities are revealed. This film is as iconic to the eighties as Madonna and hair bands, and is today’s go-to source for back to school fashion ideas.
The Breakfast Club takes place during the winter, so I tweaked the outfits a bit to work for a college campus during the fall. Ready for some fresh inspiration? Read on over at CollegeFashion!

Candy Dish: Everybody's Surfing
Candy Dish: Everybody's Surfing
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