Aussie Music + Free Gift = Amazingness

There’s not really anything more magical in the world than an Aussie band who offers up free gifts just for listening to their music. (Well maybe an Aussie Band who offers up free gifts that happened to be baby koalas, but let’s not be unrealistic.)  And that’s why we were so excited when we heard what the up-and-coming Australian band Strange Talk was doing this week.

In honor of the end of summer, they’re teaming up with Cheer to celebrate color. Why celebrate color? Well, elephant in the room, summer is almost over and pretty soon all the color will be gone from our lives (wah, wah). But seriously trees will start dropping leaves faster than freshmen can drop their lanyard key chains and before you know it we’ll be spending our nights cuddled up on the couch in our flannel long johns and snuggies.

So in honor of color, Strange Talk’s new music video for Climbing Walls will feature a highlighted link embedded on top of an object. Click on the highlighted link to win the object! There is a new object to win everyday and a limited supply of will be awarded each day. So you’ll have to check back everyday between now and August 28th. Check out their Youtube channel here and their magical colorful gift-giving video below.

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