MTV to Launch Hills 2.0

The Hills are back! But hopefully in a version I won’t be ashamed to tell people I watch. Turns out MTV is launching a new series this October called Heroine (the name is a bit much, the girl’s not saving the world, or Anna Wintour) about a Pittsburgh gal, Chelsea Settles,  who is moving to Los Angeles to make it in the fashion world. With similar aspirations as me, in a similarly unfashionable predicament (read:college in Pittsburgh) I know I will be tuning into the show. There’s no way I’ll be able to resist and who am I to ever turn down a MTV reality series?!

As long as there are no plastic surgery crazies or people with really annoying voices (still love you whit!) I think the show should could be pretty promising. I don’t think it’s over doing the fashion thing, because how much work did we really see LC do at teen vogue and People’s Rev?

Also, MTV isn’t placing Chelsea into a job so we’ll watch her  attempt to make it, at least partially, on her own. I think we can all use a little inspiration for our upcoming stunts into the read world. That in itself is reason enough to launch a realty show. Especially in the impossible-to-break-into fashion industry.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t turn down a trip to Paris… no one can live that down.

Are you going to watch?? Do you think we have TOO many shows about people trying to “make it”?

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