In Our Makeup Bag: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

What It Is:
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Concealer is one of my makeup necessities. It can take you from spotty and frumpy to flawless. Seriously, the difference after I apply concealer to my under-eye bags is unbelievable!
Sonia Kashuk is a world-renowned makeup artist who deals a line through Target. The price point is lower than high-end brands, but Kashuk puts out quite a few gems, including the Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette.
How To Use It:
This one doesn’t come with instructions, so listen up! The two top shades (ivory and medium-salmon) are great for concealing under-eye circles, while the muddy green color works on redness (aka pimples). The bottom right translucent powder is for setting all 3 foundations, but has some color, and matches the ivory shade best.
I like to apply these using my finger or a concealer brush. These concealers tend to be quite thick, so they may need a little effort to get the proper consistency!

(L-R: ivory, medium-salmon, muddy green, translucent powder)

CC Rating: A-

Sonia Kashuk has really put out a quality palette in Hidden Agenda. The concealers are creamy, yet pigmented and apply effortlessly. They melt up nicely, right in the pan, but do require a little bit of effort to get moving.
The packaging is a little less sturdy than I like, especially because I’m always tossing makeup in my purse for touch-ups. The lightest shade (upper left corner) is perfect for under-eye circles and even works on my blemishes and the powder is translucent and great for setting the concealer and adding a soft-focus finish. The medium-salmon shade top right is good for neutralizing the purple/blue-tones of under-eye circles, but some may find it a bit too dark. The bottom left shade, a muddy green, really puzzled me until I realized it was for concealing redness. Despite the lack of instructions, I figured this palette out and have been enjoying it ever since!
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