Smartphone Face Off: Blackberry vs. iPhone

There’s no accessory more essential for a college girl than a cell.  It is THE major form of communication in college and there’s really no better way to make plans,  organize parties and  stay in touch with friends on the go. Oh and how else would you be able to send casual 2 am texts to the person you like? “Oh hey, what are you up to? Yeah, let’s definitely watch a movie right now. At 2 am. Your roommates aren’t home, right?”
Now that being said any phone with talk and text would be sufficient, right?
Maybe that worked back in the 1900s, but now, in 2011, it just doesn’t cut it. I don’t know about you but I am tired of seeing “Sent from iPhone” or “Mobile Upload from Blackberry”… especially when I’m still using the original enV. No that was not a misspelling. It’s silver and the back is taped. Now some people may be embarrassed by that, but as a college student who has dropped a few phones in the toilet (don’t lie, you’ve all been there before) and left some in the back seat of a cab (i’ve gone through about 4 in six months…) having a nice phone is not a priority. But with an upgrade in two weeks it was time to get back out there and check out the cell phone market.
After visiting a Verizon store I’ve finally come to terms with how limited my options are: smartphone or cheap keyboard phone. Now when faced with a daunting two-year contract (longer than most of my relationships) I just can’t seem to buy another lame phone. Smartphone it is. First decision made. Check.
There are only two serious smart phones: Blackberry or iPhone. But which one?!?! Time for the showdown (point system style).

  1. Both have internet, but the iPhone’s is faster. iPhone +1
  2. Both take pictures, but the iPhone’s are clearer. iPhone +1
  3. Blackberry’s have an exclusive group: BBM. Blackberry +1
  4. Blackberry cellphones are cheaper to buy. Blackberry +1
  5. I think Blackberry’s are cooler. Blackberry +1
  6. iPhones have music and apps. iPhone +1

Total: Blackberry 3
          iPhone          3
It’s a tie! Than again, either way it’s $720 for two years with a data plan and tha’ts not to mention the plan and the phone itself. On second thought, I think I’ll just get that cheap, plastic keyboard phone. Ugh, what should I do??

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In Our Makeup Bag: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
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