This Post Grad Life: The Truth About Doing What Makes You Happy

In my recent post about wasted time and happiness, I expressed my irresponsible tendency to start doing what I want in life.
I’m here to tell you how it’s been going so far (just so you know it’s worth it). Instead of making you wait until all the way to the end of this post, I’m going to preach now. My lovely and selfish decision to do something that makes me happy has been…drum roll…SUCH a relief.  I was so afraid before I jumped the gun on getting my life moving the way I wanted to. But being afraid isn’t going to rob your happiness once it’s over. It’s going to water it. Water it like a bed of flowers.
And you will bloom.
Can you tell I’m happier already?
It’s been two weeks since I’ve turned my life around, quit my job and discovered a new career. My own mother approached me recently with that rosy look on her face that indicated she spotted something about my inner vibes. “Brittany, you are happier. I can tell by your skin. By just looking at you. I’m sorry, but you weren’t looking too good before. You looked…hungover.”
Thanks Mom. But seriously, thanks. If I needed one person to confirm my new-found happiness, my mother would be the right chick. She can tell if I’m feeling unhappy through an email. The woman is telepathic. Regardless of what my mother tells me, I’m happy doing new things. And if I would have known how flighty and gay I feel now, I would have changed things with my life months before. That’s why I’m here to point some internet fingers your way.
If you are ever and I mean ever feeling terribly wrong about something, fix it. I can’t preach it more. Happiness will come your way if you allow it. But you have to allow it. And please, ignore these five scary myths that creep into your mind when you think about changing your little world for the better (i.e. quitting your job and jumping on a cute little life whim):
Myth:  Your family will hate you because you’re a failure.
Truth: Your family will still love you very much. My parent’s biggest fear is my unhappiness. I swear, as much as you deny it–your family will support any venture as long as you’re happy and you’re not a stripper.
Myth: Your friends will judge you for not taking the same path as they are.
Truth: If your friends are judging you for being a ballsy lady cat in finding what makes your heart flutter, they are not your friends. Repeat after me: “They are not your friends.”
Myth: You are ruining your entire future for dropping everything you’ve previously worked for, will never be successful and will never make any money.
Truth: You will open up your future for a fruitful one, you will be extremely successful for doing something you’re truly passionate about and money suddenly won’t matter.
Take a dive lovely ladies. I will stand as the rookie post grad science experiment. Don’t listen to those little screechy, negative voices on your shoulder telling you otherwise. Listen to the truth in your heart. Deep sigh, I’m kind of a gross Hallmark card when I’m happy.

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