10 Offensive Children's Outfits that People Actually Buy

Maybe it’s just me feeling old, but I can’t help but think kids are growing up faster than ever before. I’m constantly seeing second graders with iPhones, 13-year-olds rocking designer bags and little boys who use more hair gel than DJ Pauly D. I mean, maybe it’s just because the 90s were a VERY different time, but I can’t help but feel like kids today are growing up a little too quickly. That being said, their parents aren’t doing much to help either. Aside from spoiling them and letting them have Facebook profiles by age 11, some parents go as far as to buy their kids inappropriate and sometimes offensive clothing that definitely sends the wrong message.
Check out some of the surprisingly BEST-SELLING children’s items we found:

Would you ever buy any of these for your child? Do you think kids nowadays are growing up too fast?

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Candy Dish: Cheap Candy
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