Baggin' Out: ASOS Leather Tassel Frame Bag

[Every girl needs a good purse (or 12). Whether you’re going for groceries or running from class to class, they are simply essential for holding all your, uh, essentials. Each week, I’m going to show you a fashionable, yet functional purse for the college crowd and let you know why you absolutely need it! I apologize ahead of time to your bank account.]
I usually have a backstory for why I chose to feature a certain bag, but this week I don’t. This purse is just gorgeous, vintage-inspired and great quality! Meet the Leather Tassel Frame Bag by ASOS.

ASOS is one of my favorite websites. They originally began selling reproductions of styles seen on starlets, and while they still dabble in that, they feature much more! Super trendy clothes and accessories at bargain prices, as well as hard-to-find cosmetics brands round out the selection on ASOS. They’ve had free shipping for a few months now and free returns as well, so it’s really a no-brainer to shop with them.

This purse comes in two gorgeous shades of leather: teal and oxblood. How badass does that sound!? Both colors are muted, making them ideal for fall and winter use. The bags are made using a frame, which is a super vintage shape and trend and feature some art-deco detailing on the front. There’s also the namesake tassel! It’s a medium-sized satchel, with a short handle for toting around and a longer, removable strap to throw over your shoulder. I love bags with 2 straps; they are just that much more versatile!

I cannot get enough of this purse. The vintage style and dulled leathers just scream classy, Fall fashion! This will pair perfectly with a preppy outfit for class or a fancier dress for evening. If you’re liking what you see, you can pick it up for about $115 from ASOS!
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