New Fall TV Line-Up: Listen to the Critics BEFORE you Watch

Summer’s almost over and fall’s just around the corner (say it ain’t so!), so while you pack up your plastic bins and gear up for the new school year, just remember that there’s always one good thing about the fall: the new TV line-up. It’s finally that time of year when the channels stop playing re-runs and start actually showing new content.
That being said, most new shows rarely make it past the first season… or even the first few episodes (“The Hasselhoffs,” anyone?). In order to cut out the fat and find out what shows are really worth your time this autumn, you should turn to the critics.
Even though most of these shows haven’t premiered yet, the trailers really do say it all. After warning me about ABC’s new comedy “Work It” seems to be about drag queens who work in an office (or just cross-dressing men… haven’t really been able to figure it out yet) or NBC’s “Unforgettable” (which is about some girl who can remember things even when they don’t happen to her…?), I’ve already cleared up some well-needed space in my TV watching calendar. Although, I’ll be honest — I kind of want to check out Tim Allen’s new show “Last Man Standing” just so I can get my lame ’90s sitcom on.
Check out AOL’s critic roundup to get a quick fall preview for yourself!

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