We Love Bands With Accents!

There’s something about those dreamy musicians with those cute little accents. Ever since the Beatles invaded the American scene, we’ve been craving the latest foreign musical phenomenon. Do you ever wonder why Justin Bieber‘s so popular? ‘Cause he’s small and cuddly? No! It’s because he’s Canadian! Somehow, those foreigners know exactly what we want to hear and they always deliver. Could it be that their music is just better? Or is it those tantalizing accents?! I’ll take accents for $500, Alex! So ladies, we’ve collected our Top 10 favorite foreign accents — I mean bands,  and we’re serving up their accents up hot with their greatest and latest hits.
Strange Talk: This up-and-coming Australian band is just making its way to America now and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only is their music insanely catchy, but they also have an amazing contest going on right now. Seriously. Check it out now.
Mr. Hudson: This British bleach-blonde has collaborated with musical genius (self-proclaimed) Kanye West to release R&B/ pop hits like “Supernova” & “White Lies” and is preparing to release a new album (via G.O.O.D. Music, ‘Ye’s production company) later this month. Kanye’s production skills + Mr. Hudson’s smooth sound will be sure to make a killer musical combo.
ColdPlay: This British band has been delivering hits for over a decade now, and they continue to swoon us with their songs about teardrops, the color yellow, and violet hills.
U2: This chart-topping quadruplet somehow always knows what we want to hear. They’ve been around since the 70s, but still continue to remain totally relevant and musically inclined. The British band has become a world icon and continues to make songs for everyone to love. With or Without you is an old fave of mine! (And is it me or was Bono hot back in the day?)
Muse: The lead singer of Muse always sounds like he’s trying to seduce us, even if he is singing about an Uprising! It must be the British accent!
The Doves: This song is from 500 Days of Summer, which is easily one of the best love stories, which makes this easily a must-love song! Of course, the accents make that so much easier.
Sum 41: Figured I’d throw an old Canadian fave into the mix, just because we love this song!
[ youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO-mSLxih-c]
Radiohead: Is this not the coolest remix, ever? We love the idea of an English group singing on a caribbean beat!
Mumford & Sons: First Little Lion Man, now this! These London boys really know what we want to hear, and they deliver.
Noah and The Whale: Gaining popularity first in the UK with their original 2008 debut album Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down,  Noah and the Whale is picking up speed in the American music scene. This song is already a hit, giving momentum to their already booming popularity in the U.S.

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