17 Absolutely Crazy Themed Weddings

When it comes to weddings, most people tend to go the cliche’ route: white dress, flowers, catered hotel reception, church…the whole shebang. But I mean- come on- doesn’t that get boring after awhile? Why not mix it up? Who says you can’t get married while hanging off a cliff, dress up like your favorite cartoon character, or say your vows via iChat? Now that I’m at the age when I’m starting (eek) to be asked to be in weddings, I’ve been thinking about them a lot more.

And I, for one, would have way more fun being a bridesmaid at an underwater wedding (free scuba lessons!) than at one in some stuffy cathedral.

Check out 17 of the most out-there weddings ever!

Would you consider using any of these crazy themes? Which one was your favorite?

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