Dude’s List: 14 Guys You’ll Meet In College

This is for all you incoming freshman and those who’ve gone through the 4 year war/odyssey/party/blur that was their college experience. It’s a time for trying new experiences and, of course, meeting new people. Now, every school’s different, with varying numbers of students on campus, geographic locations and demographic make-ups. BUT, I’m a firm believer that there are types that we all have to put up/study/rub elbows/sleep/deal with. Here’s a list of 14 types of guys that you’ll quite possibly meet in class/pledging/around the dorms/out at the local dives.

Sorry for the slight digression there at the end, ladies. So, excited? Seriously, they’re not going to all be bad. In fact, there are a ton of cool guys and every bad penny is only one cent out of the millions of dollars that goes into funding the institution of higher learning. I’ve had my fun here poking at the generalities but really, these are the kinds of guys who’ll be providing you with material to reminisce about for the rest of your lives. And that you just can’t put a price on. You can laugh about it, though.

Your Orientation Leader,

The Dude

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