Nom Nom Nomin’ in Your Dorm With The Popcorn Factory [Giveaway]

Who doesn’t love a yummy study snack? Or a midnight snack? Or a “just give me something to nom on during this boring recitation” snack? It’s pretty much common knowledge that the treats found in care packages and those snuck out of the dining hall are what get us through the day (and night).

And seriously, what’s the best snack of all? Popcorn, duh. Caramel-y, cheesy, buttery, salty…no matter how you get it…yummy-in-my-tummy popcorn! Whether you’re bringing a ziplock to the library or sitting down with the whole dang tin of it for a movie night, it is — hands down — the best snacking option.

Well, you’re in luck, because The Popcorn Factory wants to set you up for back to school with a tin of popcorn of your choosing! Just check out their Facebook gallery, and tweet @CollegeCandy which arrangement you’d like to win. We’re selecting three winners, so get on it!

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